Go NIKE… Just Do It!


       Heyyyyyyyyyyy! I hope my long “hey” is enough proof that I have missed you soooo…!!! I miss staying up all Friday night to get a post done before 4am haha. My lifestyle in freshman year of college was one of a kind lol. But now that it’s sophomore year of engineering school, my goodness! It seems like there’s even no time to make time. Regardless, no matter how busy life gets, I always want to chill out by clicking on that “publish” button and blessing you with wonders.

       So hello hello! Welcome back to our blog! It’s been a minute! Quick question, have you ever been in that place where you just have so many things on your plate or so many things to put in place? Sometimes, you just want to stay in bed all day but staying in bed for so long is also quite draining (well at least for me). Basically, I just feel like disappearing sometimes, maybe walk through the walls into a secret hidden coven where there’s music and food…yeah, I don’t even need Wi-Fi! (Just kidding). Geeee, that’s not too much to ask for but oh well, “we gotta do what we gotta do…”

       Okay, let’s be real, sometimes we have that desire to do some things and time won’t just let us be great, or strength wouldn’t permit, or you just want to be “in your feelings” in that moment. Sometimes, all you have is the desire to do absolutely nothing! Sounds familiar innit? Yeah, that was all me…and will probably still be me some other time. Only that now, oh glory! I know exactly what to do, and I’m here to share it with just YOU because it has helped me…shall we?


       1.  Just Do It! Yepp, you read that right. It is no coincidence that we somewhat constantly think of the things we are meant to do. But at the same time, it is very common to respond to these thoughts in the wrong way by giving “excuses”…yeah, those bad guys *sigh*. Don’t we all have reasons for not doing this or that? Don’t we all try to prove people wrong for considering our “wonderful” reasons as invalid? Aren’t we all in control of our time? Are we really? Now here we go… the next time you get that nudge to do something, right there and then, get started with it! More often than not, the mere fact that you started something puts you in a good place and somehow re-conditions the state of your mind or orientation to do…

       2.  Pace Yourself, But Prioritize Consistency! More than the quality of your product or work or idea, more than the amount of energy you’re willing to put into it; people, results, values and impact will always be built by deliberate consistency. And you must have realized by now (at least I have) that consistency has more to do with your nature than your mind, will, or emotions. So again, here we go… the next time you feel like breaking that track record you’ve managed to build overtime (maybe in the name of “taking a break” –a phrase we sometimes overuse) try addressing, or better still, re-defining your nature rather than motivating your mind. Think about it, I bet it is way easier to “take a break” from thinking about something than it is from expressing your nature! Motivation is only an appeal to the soul (in the moment) that might get you started on things to be done, but certainly would not sustain you for long. Rid yourself of motivation as much as you can and spend more time building and re-defining your nature…



       3.  It Is In Your Nature To Do; Trust Your Creator. “For it is not your strength, but it is God who is effectively at work in YOU, both to will and to work, that is, strengthening, energizing, and creating in YOU the longing and the ability to fulfill your purpose for His good pleasure” [Philippians 2:13]. Do you think God would put His nature in you but forget to give you strength for a purpose only His strength can fulfill? Yes, part of God’s purpose for you is to get good grades, so He gives you the longing and strength to study. Part of His purpose is to have good health, so He places in your heart the longing and strength to work-out or eat right. Part of His purpose is for you to have great, impactful relationships, so He gives you the desire and strength to walk in love and live peacefully with all men. Here we go again…the next time you feel unqualified to do a certain thing, or you say to yourself “I am lazy, that’s just me”, the next time you question your goals and dreams…try going back to your source, to where it all started from in the first place –your creator. All you will ever need to implement, execute and excel is in Him, and has been provided by Him. Don’t struggle for that which has been freely given to YOU…

       4.  Surround Yourself With Doers, When All Else Fails, They Will Keep You Sane. This is lowkey my personal testimony at the moment haha. Get friends or solid support/ accountability systems that know your excuses more than you do, and leave you feeling awkward for making those excuses. The people that make your excuses sound lame and stupid are matter-of-fact the best people for you! Better still, get you people that remind you that it is in your nature to do, and to become! They are quite easy to find, believe me, they are provisions that have already been made for YOU. Ever heard of those who use the words and mean it when they say “You can do it, I believe in you, and you will do it now!”? Yepp, those are the people. In fact, YOU should become one of those people too, don’t you think? Finally, here we go…first take the responsibility of being someone’s “hype-man” and then get yourself a solid support group as well –a group of friends that share the same goal as you, relentless beings that bring out the “relentless” in you. If you don’t have any, I really don’t mind sharing mine with you. And the next time you don’t feel like talking to these people about your problems (which will soon become your excuses) try clicking on the call or message button on their contact “by mistake.” I’m serious, it works like magic! In no time, you will be forced to talk about those “excuses” and put them in their rightful place, so that sanity, will, and strength to-do can reign supreme!


       There it is guysss, a little sneak-peek into what I’ve been up to lately, and all I’ve been learning. I’d really loveeeeee to know your thoughts on this, and what you do differently when everything within and around you is screaming “just relax…it’s never that serious…you really don’t have too…”. So comment all you want! I could as well learn more tips from you. And if I can be of help personally, shoot me an email! I’ll reply in about 0.0035 seconds for real haha! Remember, deliberately put these things in place, and be determined more than ever this week to have your most exclaimed phrase be “I JUST DID IT!” Gloryyyy!

Blessing to YOU!   

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  1. Borbala Ivancsik says:

    This was so impactful, like I’m blessed by the things you said. So powerful 🔥🔥 more grace to write more sis❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oyesimisola fagbenro says:

    Amazingggg writeup.. definitely a must read…well done sis

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sister!🤗🤗


  3. Anonymous says:

    This is an everyday reality that one erroneously think it’s personal experience, Eunice, God will use you much more for His purpose and glory 🙏🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amenn! Thank you so much! Your days are blessed 🤗🤗


  4. Anonymous says:

    Need to get this for all my friends who like to procrastinate haha. Just ‘did’ it!


  5. Isabella Solomon says:

    What an amazing write up!! So relatable. God bless you Eunice.


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