Why do you do the things you do?

Reflections on Wholeness interview 


Yoooo heyyyy! How are you?!     …..oh no, that’s not the question, sorry.

I meant “Who are you?!”…..yeppp that sounds a lot better.

If this is your first time on this page, a very special welcome to you! I usually don’t do intros like this haha, so just know you’re a big deal! Here are my top 10 reflections on a topic that I’ve been learning a lot about for few months now: WHOLENESS…it’s based on the interview I had with Miss Samantha Ivancsik. Oh! you haven’t seen the interview yet?! No way!…click away Wholeness  to check it out before reading this!

shall we?… 

1. “WHY DO YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO?” This question has been my “companion” for few months now; it haunted me, then exposed me, then broke me, then taught me, then refined me, and it’s still growing me! This question revealed the deepest parts of me; it opened up a journey to self-discovery. It’ll do the exact same thing for you, and even more, if you decide to answer it daily, IN ALL HONESTY…

2. Sometimes, you do things that might even be right, but for the wrong reasons. Lowkey, you do them mainly because you want some form of recognition, appraisal or attention –you want to be noticed. Everyone wants this actually, in one form or another and that’s really fine o, ahhh we all desire to feel loved. (Ok, at this point, I shall speak for myself alone, in case there’s a perfect person reading this lol). But when this desire becomes your major drive to do things, then the problem comes…

3. I hear a lot of people say things like: “oh the worst thing you can do to yourself is give your heart to/ care for someone who takes you for granted, or be around narcissists/ pessimists”…all that stuff. But really, in my opinion, the worst thing you can do to yourself is lie to yourself about yourself lol. This is the beginning of many other downfalls. Be a Truth-seeker by seeking to KNOW the Truth about yourself

4. You are human, you are dynamic; you are constantly changing, and so is the world around you, but not the world in you* (Pst. Odudu Essien). You cannot afford to let your life depend on things that are constantly changing, and that includes YOU. There’s only one being that remains constant forever, His words are TRUE forever, and He lives IN you. ONLY His opinion/ appraisal about you, your life and identity should count, yeah? Bottom line: your opinions and the opinions of others about you, outside the Truth, DO NOT COUNT* (Samantha Ivancsik)

5. It is important that you KNOW what GOD, the unchanging being, thinks/ says about you through His Word, and BELIEVE it by faith. They are all the Truths you’ll ever need, the best you’ll ever hear. Knowing and living in His opinion forms your identity and that is called WHOLENESS…


6. Being whole is being secure in the Truth of an unchanging being, in whom your identity is defined. Being whole is knowing, living, and most importantly, speaking these Truths about yourself constantly* (Pst. Odudu Essien). Prioritizing these Truths over the opinions, validation or attention from others and even from your senses/ feelings, is what being whole is all about…

7. Your past is meant to build you, not define you. Abuse is inevitable when the purpose of something is unknown* (Myles Munroe). Using the past for what it is not meant for will abuse, harass and limit your progress…

8. The wholeness journey is NOT an emotional journey* (Samantha Ivancsik). I know this firsthand because I fell victim lol. Your emotions will always change, you might think of yourself as beautiful or smart today and the next minute, you hate your body size, the color of your hair or your grades in school. But I’m sorry, varying things cannot define who you are, you’ll be left most confused afterwards. That is why there is a need for a constant which your identity can be defined by…

9. Don’t rush the journey of wholeness and don’t get discouraged so fast. Like Miss Samantha said, finding people/ friends that are willing to go on the same journey with you is just as important as you making the decision to walk this journey. Trust me, when you decide to “walk this walk”, it’ll take time to really value, enjoy, and trust the process. But time should be your best friend actually…because time has only two functions… (Watch out for future post on this)…

10. “WHY DO YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO?” If you do not take anything out of these light reflections, just remember this: The right things done for the wrong reasons are the wrong things still. DO NOT GET CARRIED AWAY. Build your identity on the right thing, something that is ever true, ever constant, and never-failing. Selah

* (Paraphrase)

I can tell you have questions or contributions…well, I plan to expound on each step, giving you bits of my personal drama, struggles and victories. Regardless, I’ll absolutelyyyy love to hear from you… what are your own personal reflections and/or conclusions?  


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Really deep reflections here Eunice, my favourite one that I find myself doing is asking myself why I do the things I do…it can be annoying because sometimes you get you beat yourself up. But that’s the point, it helps us build up ourselves!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omgg so apt! It can be very annoying, especially when you think you’re over something. But we must trust that the process will build us because it will! Thank youu❤


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