Yooooo! The wait is over! Thank you for being patient and enjoying the suspense lol, I really enjoyed it too. If you haven’t read the first part of my interview with Miss Samantha Ivancsik , just lift that little finger of yours and click this: Interview. I hope this concluding part of the interview answers some of your questions, eliminates some of your fears, and encourages you to give the wholeness journey a try. It’s highly worth it! Enjoy!

7. Do you have any regrets since the beginning of this journey?

Oh, I have no regrets at all. I only wish I realized it earlier. I wouldn’t have entertained a lot of rubbish in my life (laughs). But I’m glad it’s happening now all the same. I’m glad I didn’t have to realize later.

8. Would you give a time-frame to this wholeness process?

This is something I cannot set a time-frame to. It’s just like you saying you want to set a time-frame for your growth in Christ. There are certain things you just can’t time, it’s not possible. Yes, the point of this process is you getting as close to perfection as you can, and we all know that would only happen when Jesus comes. But wholeness is not limited to the things I’ve said here. There’s still so much that I’m figuring out. It’s not really about putting a time-frame to it because till I die, I would actually keep figuring it out and digging deeper. In Christ, there are no limits. I may talk about being whole in all these areas but there are places I’m still struggling and dealing with. Like sometimes I find it hard to walk up to people and talk to them especially during evangelism, but I’m definitely growing and getting better.

9. What do you wish you did differently when you started this process?

I wish I took it seriously when I started sometime in December last year. I wish I had spent more time in prayer because prayer and studying the Word are two things that come in handy when you want to start this wholeness process. It’s not something you can just be saying with mouth alone, it doesn’t work that way and it’s not magic. You have to put in a conscious effort and be determined. Even though I’m doing all these now, I still wish I spent more time praying and being in His presence to figure out myself. But either way, I’m grateful for my growth right now.

10. Why do you think this process is important?

I mean, you guys have read my story. I’m a typical example of what God can do when He changes someone from the inside-out. I came from nothing, when I say “nothing,” I’m not talking about financially or all that, no. I came from nothing emotionally. I came from a wreck of emotions. I was very emotional on a normal day but it got to the point where I realized I had to balance my emotions with my faith and tell myself “hey, this is what God says about you and this is where you should direct your feelings to.” This really helped me in dealing with people, myself, and certain things like prayer. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and I don’t feel like praying, I won’t lie to you guys. But waking up and knowing the importance of something makes you do it regardless of how you feel. So what wholeness really did was make me trust more in God than any other thing in my life, even my own emotions. It’s important because it helps you put all your trust in God, which frees you from trying to figure out and depend on yourself instead of Him. Finding my wholeness in Him has really set me free from a lot of things and I’m sure it would for those that are willing to take it seriously.

11. What advice would you give to those who are considering it?

My first advice would be that you must see the need for it. Don’t do it just because you feel like it’s a trend happening. Truth is you would not stay faithful in the process with this kind of mindset. You’ll end up like those that shout “ehn we’re finding wholeness in Christ” without knowing what they’re doing. Like how a lot of people say “ehn, Paul said I’ve died in Christ” without really understanding the true meaning of that. So find the need! Although your need for wholeness may certainly not be the same as mine. You may already be that person that does not care too much about people’s opinions, you may not be that person that holds on to relationships you need to let go of like I used to do. But you still have those areas that you’ll need to improve on, so look towards those needs and let that be your focus and motivation.

Also, when you see yourself making the same mistakes that you’re already conscious of, don’t beat yourself up too much, just move on. I’ve been in cases where I told myself “ahh Samantha, you’re still doing this thing?” and I would want to start getting into self-pity because that’s what the devil does; he tries to bring you down, saying that you can never change or that no growth will ever occur. For example, I misplaced my friend’s card recently and I had already started criticizing myself for being careless, even though I really hate to be termed with that word. Yes, I fell back but I did not allow the devil use that opportunity to discourage me. Remember that you are not running the race alone; you are doing it with Someone who is able and willing to help you. You may not know where or how you’re going to end but you have to keep on trusting the one who knows it better than you. Don’t give up on yourself, even if you feel like you can’t do it, just start and let Him lead you.

Be very intentional and not passive about it. Don’t think just sitting in your room and saying these things would come to you would do the magic. Stay in the place of prayer for hours, invest time into it. Read books about it and remain focused. Block out any external source of negativity too. The last thing you need is people saying negative things intentionally or unintentionally that you might start dwelling on. Ask God for help to not meditate on things He hasn’t said about you.

remember there was this fateful day, I was feeling really sad and beating myself up…it was the day after I had an argument with my friend; it reminded so much of my past that I lost sight of my growth. So, I called another friend of mine and next thing she goes “no no we can’t have this” and she starts speaking in tongues and prophesying over me for like 15 minutes. She had no idea how much that impacted me because I realized that wasn’t really me, and I could not feel down. I had someone to snap me back into reality and someone I could rant to. Someone I knew when I talk about how I’m not feeling this wholeness thing, she goes “no, this is not what God says about you,” someone that is there with me to make hard decisions. I had other support systems: shout out to Mr Odudu Essien and Miss Joy Edoja, the best people you could ever have as mentors. I had a lot of support honestly and it has really helped. It’s good to have like-minded people, not people who would just be joking around and wasting time.



If you are already implementing this in your daily dealings with people, I am extremely happy for you. If you are new to this and have just decided to start this practice, I am highly ecstatic, dancing for you right now in fact…let’s keep this rolling! Either way, I would reallyyy love people in both categories to share their experiences, successes, failures, struggles, and even excuses in the comment section below. Questions can be asked through the “Ask a question” tab. Blessings to YOU!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is quite deep and I can totally relate, especially about forgiving myself….it actually took me about 40yrs to learn to forgive me,because I was learning on my own instead of allowing God to help….but once I began to listen to my inner spirit(God), it became easy for me. And the wholeness process, I believe is a life long thing, am over 40 and am still learning to be whole, still discovering things about me. Maybe it would have been easier if
    I had had access to pages like yours as a teenager/young adult. God bless you darling Eunice as you continue to be an inspiration/light to your generation

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhhh myy this means so much ma! Thank you soo much. It also took me time to fully understand why God had me take this process seriously at this young stage in my life, I argued a lot because I thought I was not ready…not until I allowed Him help me like you said. And yes! It’s a life long journey, one that I’ll definitely enjoy. Thank you for the hope given by your comment ma, it means a lot❤


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