There’s this one “thing” I’ll always crush over… But trust me; I didn’t have it all right from the beginning, especially my mindset about it. I had watched this “thing” fail a couple of times so I just disregarded it all the same. That thing? F-A-M-I-L-Y/R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P-S.
Hold up! did you notice that? What popped up in your mind when you read over the words “family/relationships?” Was it your siblings, your friends, that boy, that girl, the ex’s or future bae? Hmmm. Ohh stop it… And this is why you must follow the Relationship Twos’day series from now on.

When you hear words like “trust,” “patience,” “friendship,”etc., it is only common that people, scenarios, everything else but YOU would cross your mind. Thing is, we pretty much KNOW the right things that should be done in our families or in any relationship, but we seldom decide to BE the right people by focusing more on doing these right things rather than expecting them from others all the time.
It should never really about “THEM” for they are, in most cases, beyond your control. Rather, it should be about YOU first, for you are all that is guaranteed to change without resistance when you CHOOSE to. Stop prioritizing “THEM” thoughts and start cultivating “YOU” thoughts. Something light for this wonderful week.

Anticipate Next Blog Post…First Interview Feature Coming Up Soon…New To Blogging…I Love It!!!

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  1. Borbala Ivancsik says:

    This is beautiful ❤

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