Forgive yourself


This forgiveness thing ehn… I remember those days when I wanted so badly to act like a “good Christian” cus everyone expected that from me, and I thought all there was to this aspect was forgiving other people…which was already a hard thing to do then y’know. I mean, I gave my usual excuses: “people are just mean, they’ll take you for granted, they’ll hurt you again. You can’t be forgiving too easily, it’ll make you look weak and needy…” all that stuff. But as I grew more in Christ, I discovered that there was another part to it: forgiving myself each time I made a mistake. Surprisingly, this part was wayyyy harder and very veeryyyy subtle, I wasn’t even aware it existed…in my mind I was like “ahn ahn there’s this one too again? This life sha…”

But I learned (still learning) how to do both of ‘em, I was helped…it wasn’t easy (still quite tough sometimes) but I did it and I’m more confident that I’ll keep doing it till I get too good at it. So I’ve uploaded a story about one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made and how I got through it. If you judge me for it, “I won’t forgive you”…now this is a lie, find out why! Just check out the full gist by clicking on the You tab).

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