Focus on building you!


Yaaaayyyy! Finally get to do this!! I can’t shout but I gatts loud this!! You should watch how my face lights up when you bring up talks on family/relationships… every time, any time. Don’t we all live lives full of relationships, ALL KINDS of ‘em: with God, parents, mentors, siblings, friends, colleagues, lovers, spouses, children, even pets… So you can’t say no to this haha.

But yeah, this is quite different. None of Relationship Twos’day series will ever focus on the other parties of your relationships…trust me, it’s all about YOU this time. It’s all about becoming the best YOU can be, so that the beauty/ goodness in all your relationships can be maximized. Okay at least for once, something is all about YOU – more importantly, You in Him.

For so long, I’d always focused on the other person/parties in my relationships…everything else but myself. Then I realized there’s really very little I can do about the other person/parties, but there’s a whole lot I can do about me, a whole lot you can do about you too! So join in! Issa series of growth, featuring live transforming stories/ interviews with different amazing people: highlighting their strengths while building on their weaknesses.

We get to start the Relationship Twos’day series together! We can do this! Let’s do this! Cheers to the best relationships soon to come!!!

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  1. The Glee Hub says:

    cheers dearie.. Can’t wait to start reading


  2. Eniola says:

    A wonderful piece Eunice.God would continue to bless you with wisdom

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen, thank you so much Eniola. God bless you too!!


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